Forced to Leave: Exploring the Untold Stories of Departures from Infosys and TCS”

“Unveiling Corporate Resignations: Navigating the Dynamics of Forceful Exits at Infosys and TCS”

TCS & Infosys Layoff, Forcing Employee to Resign. Infosys offering 4month Salary If you Resign by yourself.

Infosys is forcing bench employee to Resign and offering 4months salary. and Narayan Murthy asks employee to work for 70hrs a week.

Tata Consultancy Services is forcing employees to Resign or termination by saying Dual Employment and Hiding Information Policy Violation.

But it is not exactly Dual Employment Case as if someone worked in last company and last company forgot to close PF account then it’s not Employee’s Fault.

Also to survive in covid most of Employee work somewhere either 1-2 month or 6 months and once they got TCS joining they joined here. Most of the employees didn’t provide their last employment as either it is irrelevant to current employment (labor work, non tech, etc), or they worked for 2-3 month only.

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TCS is now Terminating or Forcing to resign because Market is Down and they got some valid reason BGC (Background Check Failure) to terminate. But during covid Market is in Boom and they need workforce so they hire in Bulk and not checked BGC properly or they might know but ignored as they can use this in future ?

Why all this question raising now because they are terminating employees after 2 years of joining. Company got every single info related to EPFO account when they credit first month salary. They know how many PF accounts are there and how many days are overlapping with last employment also last pf account is closed or not. But suddenly after 2 years they realize all this thing ?

Tata Consultancy Services sending mail one day before to meet next day urgently and within 1-2 hour they are forcing employees to resign or else they will terminate.

TCS not allowing them to show any documents and not giving even 1 day time to defend themselves.

While meeting employees are called one by one and not allowed to take mobile, laptop or any electronic device. HR forcing them to write resignation note along with apology letter.

After taking resignation Employees forced to submit laptop and TCS Id card at the same time. If it is in ODC then guard is sent with them so that they won’t talk to anyone.

Same day all access blocked like Ultimatix, Email and No notice period for them. In separation mail it is written that you have served your notice period.


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